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Donald Womack달에 비친 아홉 꼬리 Gumihogayageum 25현가야금12:002018
The nine-tailed fox exists throughout East Asian mythology, and while the nature of the creature varies somewhat according to different cultures, the Korean gumiho is generally considered a malevolent spirit, a blood thirsty creature that can transform into a beautiful woman in order to lure victims into her clutches before devouring them. 달에 비친 아홉 꼬리 (Gumiho) imagines this mysterious being and its contradictory characteristics — alluring but deadly, monstrous yet longing to become human — in turn stalking her prey, patiently biding her time, and using her charm to assess her victim’s weaknesses, before finally striking in a swift, terrifying, fatal flurry.
The piece begins by introducing us to Gumiho, mysterious and powerful, though we see only glimpses of her at first. She is at home in her natural habitat, running through the woods, stalking her prey, at times strangely beautiful. As the music progresses through sections of contrasting character, she finally reveals her terrifying self in full, but also shows that she can be tender and caring. We come to understand that she is lonely and sad. She is cursed with the cruel fate of wanting to become human—the very thing she preys upon. Her hunger grows as she struggles to overcome her nature, until she can no longer resist. She lures a man with her loving touch, tenderly coaxing him into trusting her. Perhaps she will succeed, resist her urges, and become human after all? The question is finally answered at the end, as we come to fully understand the tragedy of her fate.
달에 비친 아홉 꼬리 (Gumiho) was commissioned by and is dedicated to Seyeon Park.