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Donald WomackPower Lines 파워 라인 (solo geomungo version)geomungo 거문고16:002017
Power Lines exudes the raw force of the geomungo. This highly virtuosic piece imagines the strings of the instrument, crackling with energy like charged wires, unleashed in a seemingly relentless blaze of notes, and building to a final, violent explosion of electrifying sound. The solo version of Power Lines was commissioned by and is dedicated to Heo Yoon Jeong.


Black cords wait in strained silence
charged like wires overhead, conducting energy
buzzing, sizzling, hissing, crackling

A sharp snap of the stick sets strings into motion, punctures the still air
notes rip forth, braiding, twining
arcing ahead

The hum of electricity finds a groove
waves of sound in alternating currents, rhythmic pulsing interrupted by violent bursts
burning, bending, building, blazing

A force discharged, these electric strands, these vibrating coils
these power lines