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Donald Womack이무기 Imugipiri ensemble 피리 앙상블9:002019
The imugi (이무기) of Korean mythology is a proto-dragon, a future powerful being in a nascent state, yearning to blossom into full maturity. Imugi are said to resemble large, serpent-like creatures that dwell in dark spaces, quietly awaiting the opportunity to become full dragons.

The character of imugi, possessing patience, perseverance and determination to eventually reach its full potential, struck me as a good metaphor for the young musicians of the Seoul Piri Ensemble, which commissioned my musical representation, 이무기 (Imugi). Just as the young imugi represent future dragons, these musicians are future leaders — musical dragons — who will go on to shape their world.

The piece begins quietly, with a sense of anticipation that grows as layers of instruments begin to enter. A snaking line gradually emerges, and we briefly glimpse the full scale of the imugi, only to have it quickly disappear back into the shadows. A passage of stillness ensues, slowly developing into something ever more moving and forceful, until the imugi finally bursts forth into full splendor and assumes its role as a dragon.