Donald WomackWalk Across the Surface of the Sunshinobue, sho, 2 shakuhachi, shamisen, biwa, prc, 2 21-string koto, 17-string koto篠笛、笙、尺八(二人)、三味線、琵琶、打楽器、二十絃箏(二人)、十七絃箏8:002008
Recorded on Walk Across the Surface of the Sun (Albany Records)

Walk Across the Surface of the Sun is high energy, grooving, grinding, and overt in its use of rock-and-roll references. Pounding rhythms, syncopation, guitar-like licks and percussive backbeats are strangely infused into an ensemble of ten Japanese instruments. The title suggests both an intensity and a laid back character, as well as the scoring. The piece has a short accompanying poem:

strange places to be

float in a raindrop,
ride a bolt of lightning,
walk across the surface of the sun…

"Percussive cross-rhythms and syncopations drive the music along… with manic energy. It may well count as my favorite piece on the CD. It won’t let my fingers or toes keep from tapping."

— classicalCDreview.com