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Donald WomackSpiral Toward the Center of the Skypiri, gayageum, janggu 피리, 가야금, 장구11:002010
The title suggests a vortex of sorts, a powerful force pulling the music toward an inevitable collision of sound, rhythm, energy. The piece begins at the end, with a brief, violent passage of rushing notes. It then proceeds, retrospectively, to reveal how it got there, through a series of slow but potent passages that gradually become animated and lead to more intensified textures. As the tension is slowly heightened, the pace likewise increases incrementally, becoming faster and faster until it begins spiraling in earnest. At the high point of tension, the opening material returns, finally consumed by the vortex and disappearing suddenly, a lingering resonance the only trace of its former existence.

Spiral Toward the Center of the Sky was composed during an intense two-week period in December 2010. It is dedicated to Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea with gratitude for their adventurous spirit in seeking out new music.