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Donald WomackElements 五行1. Fire 火2. Water 水 3. Wood 木 4. Earth 土 5. Metal 金pipa 琵琶18:002010
Recorded on the album Elements 五行 (Albany Records)

A set of character pieces based on the ancient Chinese system describing the balance and interaction of elements and phenomena in nature, Elements 五行 presents the opposing forces of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal, as represented by musical ideas of contrasting character. The piece opens in a blaze of energy, propelled forward by an intense rhythmic drive that eventually builds to an overwhelming heat. A gentler movement then cools the fire with layers of flowing liquid sound. A refreshing breeze winds its way through a forest of trees in the short third movement, followed by the profound and ancient calm of earth. The cold, metallic angularity of the final movement brings the set to a climactic close in an eternal counterbalance of elements.