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Donald Womack소리 (Sori)haegeum, cello, janggu 해금, 첼로, 장구11:002011
Recorded on the album Intertwined (Albany Records)

소리 (Sori), meaning "sound", makes use of the rich sound qualities inherent in the combination of haegeum, cello and janggu. Predominantly rhythmic in character, the music is energetic, evolving into an ever more intense interlocking of independent gestures. A motive stated at the outset serves as a structural marker, returning at the first climax, and again to end the piece. 소리 draws inspiration from various elements of Korean music, while inhabiting a broader sound world. The cello at times suggests the sound of geomungo and ajaeng, and shades of the genres Pansori, Sanjo and Sinawi are heard, though twisted into unusual chromatic and rhythmic shapes. Throughout, the three instruments play off of each other, making for a unique and unexpected sound.