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Donald WomackHighwire Act 줄타기gayageum 산조 가야금6:002009
Highwire Act is a short, virtuosic piece that focuses on the rhythmic possibilities of gayageum. An energetic character is created through frequent sudden rhythmic and registral shifts, displaced accents, syncopation and cross-rhythm. The title has a double meaning, referring both to the wires (strings) of the gayageum as well as to a circus act in which the performer must balance precariously on a wire suspended above the ground, while performing acrobatic feats, a remarkable performance of which the composer once witnessed while visiting Seoul. The demands on the gayageum performer are comparable, requiring the player to maintain the delicate balance of leaping around the instrument at high speed while not "falling off". Highwire Act was commissioned by and composed for Jiyoung Yi, with gratitude for her adventurous spirit in seeking out new works.